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At first to learn together to  Emsat Arabic test what is important and its importance and its goal and to identify specially on Arab and sections, duration of testing and some tips for you to pass it safely.

What is the  Emsat Arabic test ? 

The UAE Standardized Test is applied in the United Arab Emirates a set of electronic tests aimed at evaluating student performance and is the basic condition to enter UAE students to government and private universities within the United Arab Emirates.

The goal of Emsat Arabic test?

Ensure students access to all information, knowledge and skills to participate in an effective manner in the UAE's economic society.

What is the importance of Emsat Arabic test?

  • Students help determine their appropriate academic course.
  • Based on the examination of the resolution on entering the university or not.
  • Helps evaluate the educational system is as a whole and based on this necessary decisions and appropriate to improve education quality.
  • The level of students in the UAE is quoted nationally and globally.
  • in the United Arab Emirates it's Substitute of ILETS and TOEFL exam.
  • Condition for private and government universities.
  • Collect accurate data on the knowledge and skills of students in the United Arab Emirates in the subjects and through different stages in the light of national standard standards.

Who is the target of EMSAT test?

the target of EMSAT test is the fourth grade students and sixth grade students and students of the eighth grade and students of the tenth grades and finally students of the twelfth grade to enter the university.

The test is divided into basic first grade students, follows for fourth, fifth, fifth and tenth grade students and the completion of the twelfth grade students to enroll in government and private universities.

What is the required degree in the Emsat Arabic test for universities or higher government and private education institutions?

Each university vary from the other and every college for the other, so every student communicate with the university he wants to know to know the minimum required grades.

What is Emsat Arabic?

Tested by the UAE Ministry of Education to measure the skills of students in Arabic language.

The test is applied to fourth, sixth, fifth, twelve and twelfth students.

What is the Time for Emsat Arabic  test? Duration of testing Arabic hundred minutes 100 m , fifty minutes to read and fifty lessons structure.

Emsat Arabic exam departments:

Arabic exams are divided into several sections:

Section I: Reading and includes reading various types of texts and the student must after reading the text answered a number of multi-choice questions.

Section II: The structure of language and vocabulary includes questions that measure student skills in grammar, drainage and dictators and type of multiple choice.

Section III: Writing includes one written mission and this section is thirty percent of the total degree of testing.

What is the  time allocated to each test?

The time allocated to each test is conducted on two separate  sessions, which includes the first section of reading, language and vocabulary structure and other writing.

And the duration of each section of 50 minutes.

What is the primary objective of the test of Arabs and skills measured?

The primary objective of the test of Arabs is to measure basic skills, read, write, vocabulary and structure.

Important guidance in EMSAT test:

First: Ensure that the registration process is completed for testing.

seconds: Print the ticket before each test.

Third: Read the instructions well and make sure they understand.

Fourth: Bring your identity with you in each test.

fifth: Answer all the test paragraphs Seventh: Prepare before the exam is sufficiently at least fifteen minutes.

Eighthly: immediately reported any malfunction in your tablet.

Tips that will help you pass an Emsat Arabic test:

  • First: Identify the exam form or see previous tests.
  • Second: Training for previous forms and tests.
  • Third: If you suffer or there are some lessons that you can not understand you need to have a private tutor, our platform is provided by the school dot com provides many courses and offers you many professors and skilled teachers experiences to learn more about private lessons you can click here.
  • Fourth: Test yourself always to determine your level accurately.

Features of 'madrassh.com' Educational:

  1. Our platform provides many courses in various articles, of course an  Emsat Arabic session.
  2. The individual and individual session every student on its limit.
  3. provides diary of educational material.
  4. Tests for level.
  5. Skilled teachers and specialists experienced owners.
  1. Training on the exam system.
  2. Focus on the skills required in the Emsat Arabic test which means focusing on reading, writing, vocabulary and structure.

Does the twelfth grade students expected to enroll in the national service to progress to pass the UAE standard?

Answer: Yes, the twelfth grade students expected to join their national service must provide the United Nations Standard Test of Materials (Arabic - English - Mathematics - Physics)

According to the test policy mentioned on site and compliance with all procedures for performance.

Emsat test places:

 There are many centers in the United Arab Emirates that have been specially prepared for the EmSAT test.

Students who failed the Emsat exam:

 For students who failed the  Emsat exam last year, their entire score will be deleted if the student wants to take the exam again.

Students who missed the exam with an acceptable excuse:

 As for the students who registered to take the exam and had an emergency situation happened to them and missed the exam and gave an acceptable excuse, so they did not attend the exam via the website. The excuse is required to be clarified with a certificate documented by the competent government agencies and approved by the Ministry of Health. The ministry will look into the request and will be informed of the decision, if true.  Ali the decision will set the date for the re-exam Emsat.

Students who miss the exam without an excuse:

 As for the students who registered to take the exam and had an emergency situation occurred to them and did not attend the exam and did not provide an acceptable excuse, the student will be registered in the absence record and will not be able to take the exam in the subjects in which he was absent until after the date for the re-examination was announced.

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