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The main areas of study in computer science Contains:

artificial intelligence, computer systems, security, database systems and human interaction with computer, vision, graphics, numerical analysis, programming, software engineering and dynamic system.

Recently, computer science was added within the tests  of EMSAT  within the United Arab Emirates. In this article we will talk about  Emsat computer science.

What is computer science?

Computer Science is the study of computers and arithmetic systems. Computer science apply math principles, engineering and logic on a large number of functions, including algorithm formulation, software development, hardware and artificial intelligence.

The importance of studying computer science as a study:

helps us to study computer sciences as a study of several things:

  • thinking about mathematics, mathematics and conceit.
  • Develop new products or solve practical computing problems.
  • Conduct research involving experimentation and modeling.
  • Helping you to Work as part of a research team with programmers, information technology professionals, mechanical engineers, electricity or software to solve problems and create new products.
  • Study, experimentation and exploration of technological areas such as artificial intelligence, robots and virtual reality.
  • The pursuit of existing computer systems and software performance.
  • Develop new ore ore organs in different fields.

What is the achieve Emsat ?

 It is an electronic test based on national standards for measuring and evaluating the performance of the twelfth grade students in the United Arab Emirates in (Arabic - English - Mathematics - Physics - Biology - Chemistry - Computer Science)

The test is managed in the centers approved by the Ministry of Education These tests measure the information and skills of the twelfth graders after their end of public education and transition to higher education.

These tests give decision-mentioning information in the university registration stage.

Details of the exams of  Emsat computer science:

The Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates Description Description of the Test Description of computer science computers Emsat Achieve Computer Science:

is a 120-minute test measures the level of mastery applicants of the University .

Emsat Computer Science Exam Components:

EMSAT Achieve Computer Science consists of five main areas:

  • computing systems.
  • Computer networks.
  • Programming and problem solving.
  • Effect of computing.

The sections, questions and test options are randomly selected and timely by the test program.

What is the computer test ?

The computer test is a specific test in which the test clock is visible at all times for advanced testing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Computer Science in Achieve Emsat:

What is the duration of testing  Emsat computer science?

Test Duration: 120 minutes

How many questions are the exams of  Emsat computer science exams?

Number of questions: 100 Question

What is the content of Emsat computer science questions at a completion stage?

  • Computing systems:

This section includes computer components: input and output devices, memory and processing units (CPU).

It focuses on how to enter the input information to your computer and how the outputs provide the desired result after all information is processed using the CPU that all computers share.

It focuses on how the program is governed in computers, whether it is an application program (such as MS Word) provides a computer service, or System program, which runs different types of computer resources, and this area also provides an overview of how to design and represent different methods such as truth and expression.

It focuses on how programmers Gives orders  to computers by  using high-level programming languages and translators in translation of this understanding, zeros and union (binary).

The biling of the language you understand, this area focuses on how different types of data such as numbers, images, sound and text using duo representation and how the dual numbering system can be obtained and converted from other numbering systems such as Denary Numbering and Numbering System.

  • Computer Networks.
  • Areas of content of the content of arithmetic.
  • programming and problem solving.
  • (Python) The effect of computing

Is the use of the calculator in the completion exams of  Emsat computer science?

 No, the calculator is not allowed.

Evaluation in  Emsat computer science:

1500+: High proficiency:

Students at this level are well prepared for computer science courses at the university level.

1100-1475 :

The students at this level at a disease level of preparation to start computer science courses in the first year at the university level.

900-1075 Master of minimum:

Students at this level are prepared to minimum computer science courses in the first year at the university level.

700-875 Basic:

Students at this level have no sufficient meaning to know the required first year courses in computer science at the university level and may need some additional support.

 500-675 Need to improve their skills: Students at this level need additional educational support in the basic concepts and skills of computer science before starting any courses in computer science for the first year.

 Less than 500:

 Public PC knowledge:

Students at this level need additional educational support in the basic concepts and skills of computer science before any computer started in the early year. Students at this level need intensive educational support in the concepts and basic computer science skills.

Types  of  Achieve Emsat Computer Science:

1 - Test the standard of university acceptance - C ++ test description:

 is a 120-minute test and measures the skill of the 12 grade students in the main areas of computer science, and defines their willingness to enter.

 The contents of the United Nations Standard Receiving Test:

Contains five main areas - computing systems - computer networks - Computational thinking - programming and problem solving - computing effect.

2 - Test the standard United Nations admission - Java & JavaScript:

 The general description includes testing:

measures the computer exams - Java in this section difference between different programming languages, including Java, and how to translate (01) language.

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