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What is the Emsat physics test?

Emsat physics test is one of the standard Emirates tests and is a standard electronic test based on UAE national standards that focuses on measuring student performance and information in a number of materials and applies to all students in the UAE.

What is the definition of physics?

Physics also defines nature or naturalism took the floor from the Greek language and is aware of the study of natural phenomena and developing and explaining laws.

What is  the Emsat physics?

One of Emsat tests, It is an electronic test that measures the student skill and its information in physics to know the task of education.how much Students are ready for universities.

What is the time to Emsat physics test?

The test time is 120 minutes

50 minutes in standard sequential test, 120 minutes in standard achievement.

What are the number of EMSAT physics test questions?

The number of test questions in the stage of achievement is fifty questions, while the number of questions in the stage of relay standard tests is forty questions.

What kind of questions  in Emsat physics?

The kind of test questions is divided by physics:

Section 1: Choice of multi

section II: Complete the vacuum

 section III: Drag and drop the right choice.

This is the type of questions at the national reinforcement stage.

While in the national standard tests achievement, the questions are only a multiple selection.

What are the scientific fields in the Emsat Physics test questions?

Science and Technology:

The questions focus on scientific methodology and measurements in terms of scientific tools used in data collection, scientific measurements and measurements. Science, Engineering and Technology.

Earth and space sciences:

Where questions focus on the science of land and human activity, Earth systems, land in the universe.

Life science: organisms, molecular and functional installation, genetics and biological development, environmental systems in terms of dynamic reactions and energy.

Natural Sciences:

Article and transformations, mechanics and electromagnetic, waves and optics.

This is at the national reinforcement standard tests, and at the national standard tests stage completed and are the areas of questions EMSAT PHYSICS as follows:


which generally includes translational motion, rotational motion and fluid mechanics.

Waves and optics:

which generally includes the study of electromagnetic and mechanical waves, and engineering and physical optics.

Thermal physics and thermodynamics.

Modern Physics:

It includes the theory of relativity and its applications.

Quantum physics and atomic physics.

How to prepare to study physics?

  • Understanding Physics Basics: Physics is based on a set of basic rules on student understanding and reviewing these basics well. Code, power, force, force and the like the basics of physics.
  • Develop your mathematics skills: physics is closely related to mathematics, where physical laws are based on mathematical equations.
  • Caption: Use the graphics and graphics during your memory to simplify the article and can be better.
  • Where visual learning is always effective and works faster, whether a fee or graphs or even scribes or a picture.
  • Write down basic laws and equations that you probably use a lot.
  • Explain what you remembered to your classmates.
  • Study with a private tutor, to know the advantages of private lessons, click here.
  • Repeat scientific experiments yourself over and over again.
  • Link the information together. Study out loud if you can focus in this way.
  • But if you are one of those who can focus using writing, do so, without what you remember.
  • Focus on the physical units.

How to prepare for testing physics?

  •  Find out the quality of questions and any skills focusing questions.
  • See previous tests.
  • See the models issued by the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • Privacy lessons where private teacher focuses on skills and information to success in testing. Our  platform  madrasah.com has advanced many good teachers their mission help you keep with us to learn more.
  • Continuous review and training.

Tips before the exam:

  • Trust yourself and trust your skills and information.
  • Do not get nervous during the exam so that your mind does not get distracted.
  •  Bring all your tools and a calculator.
  •  Read the instructions issued by the Ministry regarding the Emsat test carefully.
  • Read all the questions carefully several times.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Sleep well before each test, sleep sleep dispersion focus.
  • After finishing solving all questions see again.
  • See the questions you know and leave the questions you do not know.

Basic information of interest to the student in general about the EmSAT exam:

It is strictly forbidden to accompany any family member to the test centers and no family member is allowed to be in the waiting halls.

Commitment to precautionary measures and social distancing between the student and anyone else at a distance of at least two meters.

Immediately upon completion of the test, leave the center immediately. No student is allowed to be in the halls after completing the test.

Students are allowed to use a calculator and must bring their own.

The student should bring only his/her essential tools with him/her.

Bring a copy of a valid, not expired ID card.

The temperature of the student will be measured and his passing in front of the thermal camera, and any student who shows symptoms similar to those of the Corona virus will be prevented from entering the examination hall.

Tests are held in authorized and designated testing centers distributed throughout the United Arab Emirates.

You will receive a text message with the availability of test results, knowing that your test result appears fifteen days after the twelfth grade students and ten days after the graduates of previous years, from the date of taking the test.

It is prohibited to photograph or use mobile phones in the exam hall, or bluetooth headphones or smart watches in the exam halls. The student is not allowed to leave the exam hall for any reason before completing the exam completely.

This test is adaptive. As the test questions and their difficulty are allocated to each test taker independently, when the test taker answers a question correctly, the next question will appear to him more difficult, and when he answers a question incorrectly, the next question will appear easier.

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