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The Emirates National Standard Examination for University Admission in Chemistry. 

What is the Emsat chemistry test?

It is an electronic test that measures the efficiency of grade 12 students in chemistry and determines their readiness to enter colleges. 

How long is an emsat chemistry test?

 The duration of the test is

 90 minutes.

EMSAT test components chemistry:

consists of 40 questions in the following areas:

Matter and its properties - energy - force - law of conservation of matter. 

The types of questions in the Chemistry Ems Test are from a multiple test , choose more than one correct answer , fill in the blank & drag and drop.

Details of emsat chemistry test questions:

The substance and its properties represent between 55 to 65% of the emsat chemistry test.

  • Chemistry and its importance in our lives
  • scientific methods
  • Appropriate units of measurement and conversion between them
  • Sources, types and effect of measurement error
  • Classification and properties of different materials
  • Matter transformations and the changes accompanying them
  • The development of atomic theories over time, leading to modern theory.
  • Atomic structure and distribution of electrons, protons and neutrons in an atom.
  • Atomic spectra and their various applications.
  • Atomic structure.
  • Properties of different elements based on their position in the periodic table.
  • The periodic law for tracking changes in both the physical and chemical properties of the elements in the periodic table.
  • Volume, temperature, pressure and amount of gas.
  • Relationships between the four gas variables - volume, temperature, pressure, and amount of gas and their calculations
  • Solubility and the factors affecting it.
  • Qualitative and quantitative properties of solutions
  • The electronic structure of the carbon atom.
  • The diversity of organic compounds in terms of shape, size, chemical and physical properties.
  • Classifications of organic compounds in terms of
  • The main functional groups.
  • Types of reactions of the main organic compounds and their applications.

Second: Energy, force and the law of conservation of matter, which represents between 35 to 45% of the Emsat Chemistry test

  • Ionic bonds - polar bonds - covalent bonds - polar bonds
  • Synthesis of different molecules.
  • The mole and its applications.
  • Relative composition of chemical compounds.
  • Empirical and molecular formulas for chemical compounds.
  • Percentage of chemical reaction product.
  • Acids and bases are strong and weak.
  • Titration and its applications in calculating concentrations of solutions.
  • Effect of common ions, buffer solutions and self.

emsat results - emsat chemistry :

+1500 :

  • Demonstrates comprehensive knowledge in general chemistry.
  •  Understand relevant concepts, laws and principles.
  •  Accurately evaluate quantitative and qualitative data. 
  • Understand complex models and set appropriate expectations. 
  • Skillfully solves most quantitative and qualitative problems.

1300 : 1475

  • Demonstrates a very broad knowledge of general chemistry.
  •  Understand relevant concepts, laws and principles.
  •  Evaluate quantitative and qualitative data with high efficiency.
  •  It solves familiar problems and most new quantitative and qualitative problems.

1100 : 1275

  • It illustrates extensive knowledge of public chemistry.
  • It shows the proper understanding of most concepts and applies in some contexts. Analyzes quantity and quality data efficiently.
  • Solves most basic and familiar problems and some new problems.

900 : 1075

  • Demonstrates reasonable knowledge of general chemistry. 
  • Demonstrates adequate understanding of most basic concepts but with limited ability to apply them. 
  • It shows some analysis or evaluation of quantitative and qualitative data. 
  • Solves some basic or routine problems but shows limited ability to deal with new or difficult situations.

700 : 875

  • It illustrates limited knowledge in public chemistry.
  • It is partially understood for basic concepts but weakness of the ability to apply.
  • Some ability to process data and resolve basic or routine problems.

  500 : 675

  • It illustrates a little knowledge of public chemistry.
  •  The weak understanding of basic concepts appears with a little evidence of the application.
  •  It has a minimum capacity to process data and a little of the ability to solve problems.

Less than 500

  • It illustrates almost not knowledge as general chemistry.
  •  There is no understanding or vulnerability to any concepts or principles.
  • It gives incomplete or unlikely responses.

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