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The student seeks to achieve high emsat exam scores in order to obtain the college or university he wishes to join, to conduct graduate studies and obtain a master’s, or to obtain an external scholarship.

And in order to get the best grades for the Emsat exam, things are not difficult, but you just have to organize, plan and focus in order to reach your goal in a professional and distinctive way and to be able to achieve this. Perhaps he may need some help from specialists in preparing and preparing for the exams.Practical training on questions from different Emsat exams models.

Preparation courses for the Emsat test:

The Emsat Exam qualifies you to prepare for the university admission tests for students of the twelfth grade. elmadrasah.com provides you with the necessary support to help you achieve outstanding performance in all sections of the Emsat Exam, through individual online training courses during which work is done to identify the training needs of each student Through placement tests with a dedicated teacher who works with you to implement a training strategy just for you.

elmadrasah.com offers preparation courses for emsat exams in English language, Arabic language, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and computer science.

The preparation courses for the Emsat test are distinguished with elmadrasah.com:

  • Online courses - individual classes - through Zoom.
  • The possibility of choosing suitable dates for you - morning appointments - evening appointments.
  • A dedicated tutor who provides you with guidance and continuous assessment throughout the course.
  • Providing an Emsat book that helps you to study outside the training course.
  • Training in solving questions from the previous emsat test models on the various test sections.
  • Providing emsat test reviews offers that contain a number of training sessions - the duration of the training session is an hour.

What is the emsat test?

Emsat test or Emsat test:

It is a set of standardized electronic tests based on national standards in the UAE with the aim of evaluating students' performance.

emsat exams are aimed at:

  • Students of the twelfth grades with the aim of enrolling in universities or colleges (university admission to colleges)
  • Students of foreign missions.
  • Postgraduate students - who wish to prepare for a master's degree.

Prices for preparation courses for the EmSAT exams:

  • The price of any emsat course of your choice is 1500 AED.
  • The price of any two courses together of your choice is 2800 AED.
  • The price of any three courses of your choice is 3600 AED.

Book now: 00971509959271

For more information: teacher@elmadrasah.com

We have emsat preparatory courses available for:

  • emsatenglish exam
  • Arabic emsat exam.
  • Emsat Mathematics Exam.
  • Emsat Chemistry Exam,
  • Emsat Biology Exam,
  • Emsat Physics Exam,
  • and finally Emsat Computer Science Exam.

1- Emsat English Exam Training:

Emsat English is explained with the school.com in a practical way that depends on exercises on the Emsat English exam in all the 6 main sections.

  • English grammar.
  • Vocabulary:
  • It includes a list of English language terms and vocabulary for the EmSAT English test.
  • Building sentences.
  • Reading tests: training on the English reading test form, which contains a reading test in order to fill in the blanks and test the reading of long texts.
  • Cloze reading: where the practice is to complete the blanks within the piece with the correct words. It aims to measure the extent to which students understand the vocabulary within the paragraph.
  • Reading test in long or large texts:

Extended Reading and writing: It is for the reading of long or large texts with the aim of measuring the reading, writing and oral skills of students.

Where the teacher continuously guides the student and evaluates performance while solving the questions of the EmSAT English exams online - and a memorandum of EmSAT English containing the questions of the EmSAT English exams is provided with solutions to help students in continuous training and preparation for the exam.

2- Training of the Arabic language Emsat exam:

elmadrasah.com is interested not only in preparing students for the emsat exams and helping them to pass them, but rather on providing all the means to ensure that, which is based on understanding, practical application and continuous review.

elmadrasah.com provides training in the preparation course for the Arabic Emsat test on the three main sections of the test, which are:

  • The first section: reading texts, in which students are trained through an Arabic Emsat exam model to read informational, prose or written texts, which are infographics - biography - weather forecast .... etc.
  • Training on multiple test questions that help assess students' reading skill.
  • The second section: Training on the structure of language and vocabulary, and includes training from the reality of the Emsat Arabic exam model on grammar, morphology, and spelling, training the student to know commonly used vocabulary and to ensure understanding of vocabulary and its usefulness to academic content.
  • Section Three: Writing Students are trained on writing tasks to prepare for the Emsat Arabic exam.
  • An Arabic Emsat Binder is provided to help the student study outside the course. In addition to making an Arabic Emsat test to give you experience in solving and managing the time of the actual Emsat Arabic test questions.

3- EMSAT Mathematics Exam Training:

There is no doubt that the Emsat Mathematics test is one of the tests that many students fear, given that mathematics is a cumulative subject that depends on the previous school years; Therefore, the foundation in mathematics is important in order to have a distinguished level of study in it.

In the Mathematics Emsat course, elmadrasah.com provides practical training for students by providing a summary of Mathematics Emsat that includes the laws of Mathematics Emsat - Questions of Mathematics Emsat models are converted - Students are trained and given the necessary guidance and assessment for the sections of the Mathematics Emsat test, which are in algebra, geometry and statistics.

Where training is conducted on the types of questions: Multiple choice - Choice of more than one answer - Fill in the blanks - Drag and drop.

This gives the student the opportunity to obtain a high degree.

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