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Students face some obstacles that prevent them from excelling in the various EmSAT tests.

In this article, we talk about some obstacles and how to overcome them, which would benefit you in any exam in general.

What are the obstacles that students face?


 Registration on the site has become very difficult, and there is no application on the smartphone, registration is only on the site, and it can only be opened through the electronic computer, which is closed more than once due to the pressure of registration, and this causes psychological pressure and a waste of time and effort!

Absence from the test:

A high number of students absent from the test sessions, in addition to the frequent request to cancel the test date or venue at a time when the change process is not possible.

Therefore, he calls on the officials of the Ministry to direct the students and make them aware of the necessity of adhering to the time of the test, in order to excel and reach its desired goal; As failure to take the test or being absent from it reduces the chance of obtaining university admission in the country or applying for higher education scholarships,It is also necessary to be aware of and adhere to the policies included in the Exam Performance Policy.

Lack of training opportunities for students:

There is a need to train students on the exam pattern, and there are questions for subjects that the students have not studied, so that the Emsat test measures the real level of students in all academic subjects, which gives an indication of the direction that the student should take.

Obstacles for People of Determination:

Students of people of determination and chronic diseases who are affiliated with state schools for the academic year 2018-2019 shall submit the “EMSAT” test in 100% electronic form, and it cannot be transferred on paper, and it is not possible to provide special committees for students, such as helping them in reading or writing, and the test does not contain on audio materials.

Obstacles to re-exam:

Not allowing the exam to be repeated, and limiting the repetition to the English language exam only, in addition to poor coordination when setting questions, as they sometimes include parts of subjects that students did not study, in addition to the lack of application centers

It is worth noting that the exam result will be released 3 weeks after the date of the EmSAT exam, and you will receive a text message confirming its issuance.

Solutions to these obstacles:

The Ministry and the UAE government studied these obstacles, and developed the exam in line with the requirements of students in the Emirates so that they could excel and excel in the EmSAT exams.

Among those solutions is the provision of training centers for the EmSAT exams in the different educational stages, and from our side we promise to provide you with the best in our platform, elmadrasah.com, which provides you with all the needs to get the highest bikes in the Emsat exam.

What's new about retesting Emsat? Is it available?

Yes, repetition is available, as the Ministry of Education announced the provision of re-exams for students who missed the Emirates Standard Exam. She said that all students who failed the test in the past year will be deleted from all Emirates Standard Test scores, and they are not entitled to claim them when they take the test again in the current academic year.

And that if the student is absent in the EmSAT test after registering for the subject and choosing the date specified for the first university admission test in “EMSAT” without an approved and acceptable excuse recorded in the absence box, he will not be able to register in the missed subjects again until the door for repetition is opened. In the event that there is an approved and acceptable excuse such as sick cases or a family emergency, the student must submit a request for inability to attend the test through the test site, and click on the “unable to attend” request, explaining the reason for absence, and attach reports that prove this, such as a medical report or a sick certificate issued by the A government hospital and certified by the Ministry of Health and Prevention or the Health Authority, provided that his request is reviewed and he is notified of the decision taken.

As for the emsat exam score, it is not counted in the student’s certificate, bearing in mind that the high school certificate will not be issued without the student studying the Ministry of Education’s syllabus performing the EmSAT tests.

How to pass the Emsat test easily?

if you want to:

  • Passing the conditions for joining colleges or universities to complete your studies in the UAE.
  • Completion of postgraduate studies and preparation for a master's degree in one of the UAE universities.
  • Submit an application for a specific job in the UAE.
  • And all of this requires you to obtain yesterday’s degrees in certain subjects for the college, university or job you desire.

In order to pass a test, you must practice the different types of questions that make up the test, and this is what the courses offered by elmadrasah.com offer. The school offers courses in all emsat subjects: (emsat Arabic language - English language ems - physics emsat - mathematics emsat)

Each EmSAT course consists of 12 lectures; Each lecture is a full hour, the course is a live broadcast via the Zoom program, our courses are individual and not groups.

Contact us and book your courses in Emsat and pass the exam easily.

Features of our training courses:

  • Individual courses, not online groups, through Zoom, provide you with a unique strategy to achieve your goals easily.
  • Specialized teachers provide you with strategies to identify the answer method that helps you in obtaining the required grades to pass the EmSAT exam in the required subjects.
  • Practical training on questions from previous emsat exam model sites that give you experience and knowledge of actual questions
  • Providing Emsat test notes to help you train and study outside the training course.
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