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Emsat English test aims to measure the readiness of 12th grade students to colleges or universities that teach English at the local level within the UAE. English grammar is one of the components of the EmSAT English test

However, some students may find it difficult to learn or solve English grammar, unaware that practice and practice break the barrier of fear of using the English language.

In this article, we will discuss English grammar and what is the importance of learning it.

The rules of the English language:

It is a set of rules responsible for the formulation and installation of words , sentences ,  various expressions correctly in the English language.  It enables you to arrange vocabulary and terms in a way that is understandable to others, so that others can understand what you are writing, whether it is at the academic level or at the work level, as well as making it easier for others to understand what you say in English.

One of the most important benefits of learning English grammar is that it helps you to raise the number of vocabulary significantly;  It helps you

Changing the form of a sentence using other new vocabulary

And in order to start learning English grammar easily and simply, you should follow the following:

  • Understand the structure of sentences and parts of speech, pronouns and their types, basic punctuation marks, basic and auxiliary verbs.
  • The English language is one of the continuous or interrelated languages, so you must constantly review the grammar of the English language, starting from simple rules to specialized rules in a gradual manner.
  • Understand and do not memorize the rules of the English language. Understanding helps you more to formulate the sentence, whether in writing or speaking in an easy way, and accustom yourself to a lot of training by solving many questions and different units of lessons.

The importance of English grammar in the Emsat English test:

Since English grammar has a significant impact on the other sections of the Emsat English test, we at the Dot-com school, through the Emsat English course, are interested in training students on 9 basic points through the Emsat English test question models, with follow-up and ensuring a good understanding so that students obtain  Amsat scores are high in the emsat English test.

1- Training students on the nature of the Emsat English test questions in English grammar, and not only that, but we also provide him with an evaluation of his answer so that he can reach the best answer.

2- Training on questions from the Emsat English language exam models in the English grammar section and how to solve them, which includes a variety of questions such as complete , multiple choice & rewriting the appropriate words for the sentence.

3- Training on acquiring English language vocabulary in the educational and academic context from the reality of the questions of the Emsat English language tests.

4- Training in building sentences in a correct and sound manner free from grammatical errors, English grammar and rhetoric from the reality of the questions of the Emsat English language tests.

5- Training to know if the sentence is correct or there is something wrong with it, which helps you to choose the correct answer in the multiple choice questions in the Emsat English test from the reality of the Emsat English test questions.

6- Training in writing and building paragraphs in the English language by identifying the basics of writing and paragraphs in the English language.  From the reality of Emsat English language test questions.

7 - Training in writing daily conversations from the reality of the questions of the English language emsat test forms. Training is conducted to write paragraphs and research in miniature in the English language, and correction and checking are done to ensure the integrity of the sentences.

8- Training to guess the missing syllables or words in the paragraphs from the reality of the questions of the Emsat English language exams models

9- Training in reading texts and written paragraphs and their proper pronunciation, and identifying during training what are consonants and vowels and how to pronounce them, in addition to arranging your thoughts while reading.

You can join the EMSAT exam courses - the EMSAT English course easily through one of our means of communication, which is as follows :

We are pleased to receive your inquiries and respond to them via our phone number at +971509959271 or You can also join our telegram groups to get many advantages such as:

  • Providing free lessons or revisions in the e Emsat Arabic language
  • Submitting English language emsat exam forms with the solution
  • You can easily subscribe to our telegram channel for Emsat students via the following link

 You can subscribe to the channel through the link: t.me/elmadrasah

Tips for learning English vocabulary - Emsat English test :

  • Make sure to learn the English language in the form of a group of words and understand the meaning of each through the use of syllables or sentences.
  • Learning words or vocabulary in the English language through syllables or sentences has an effective result in stabilizing the meaning of words or vocabulary in your memory and making it easy to recall and remember, unlike the traditional method in  Memorize the word and its meaning.
  • Learning words by syllables, sentences or paragraphs enables you to learn more than one word in one syllable at a time, as well as combine between learning words and learning tenses, English grammar, so that you have achieved the maximum benefit through:

- Learn more than one new word.

- Learn the tenses of Benha.

 - Understand the meaning of words and remember easily and clearly.

  • Learn English grammar through intensive training in formulating and writing sentences and conversations. This is more feasible than focusing on memorizing English grammar and writing the formation of tenses or a specific rule in the English language using the best method that makes you master the art of formulating sentences and conversation in a correct way in drafting.
  • Understanding English grammar makes you not fall into the trap of confusing tenses with other English grammar in terms of usage
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