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In the beginning, let's get to know together the Emsat test, what is it, what is Emsat biology, and how do we pass it?

What is the emsat test?

It is a standardized computer-based national test system called the Emirates Standardized Test. EmSAT is the first computer-based test in the United Arab Emirates created to measure students' skills independently of the curriculum.

The test is divided into basic, sequential, completion, and the compulsory core test subjects only have four subjects: Arabic, English, Physics and Mathematics.

Biology is also considered among the test subjects, chemistry and computer science, the subjects of the Emsat examinations, which are directed to students of the twelfth grade and the request of external scholarships, master's and doctorate, and it is considered the first university admission standard for public and private universities in the United Arab Emirates.

Let's talk specifically about biology, its definition and the Emsat Biology test:

What is the definition of biology?

It is a science that is concerned with the study of everything that is living, whether it is a human being, a plant, an animal or a microorganism. Biology is the science of the study of life. The word biology is taken from the Greek, where “bio” means life and “logos” means study.

What is the Emsat biology test?

It is one of the electronic Emirates standard tests where it is imposed on students of the twelfth grade only to measure and determine their skills and information in the subject of biology.

What is the time allotted for  Emsat biology test?

The time allotted to test Amsat alive in the Emsat achieve is 120 minutes.

How many questions in Emsat Biology test?

The number of questions in the Emsat Biology test is eighty questions. 

 What are the types of questions in the Emsat Biology test?

 The types of questions in the Emsat Biology test are divided into:

  • Section one: multiple testing.
  • Section Two: Fill in the blanks.
  • Section Three: Drag and drop the correct option.

What are the questions in the biology test?

These are the topics that the twelfth grade students must know about in order to move to the university level.

1- From molecules to living organisms in terms of their structure and vital functions.  This section contains chemistry in biology as well as the organization and evolution of living organisms.

2- Genetics and genetic technology.  This section contains trait genetics, molecular genetics and biotechnologies. Trait genetics focuses on:

The growth and division of cells with a focus on the behavior of chromosomes during the different stages of division and the subsequent genetic disorders caused by some errors during the stages of division.

3- Biodiversity in terms of the extent of similarities and differences.  This section contains the diversity of living organisms and their evolution, where evolution focuses on theory and evidence to determine the relationships between different species, as well as evolutionary processes such as natural selection, genetic change resulting from mutations and their consequences.

4- Environmental systems in terms of interactions, energy and dynamism.  This section contains environmental interdependence and environmental sustainability, and environmental interdependence focuses on the different environmental concepts that are used in the environment and societal interactions, as well as the transfer of matter and energy flow through the ecosystem with reference to the food chain and web.

What do the Emsat Biology test scores indicate, or how important are the Emsat Biology test scores?

1- Advanced: Students at this level possess the knowledge and skills necessary to enroll in biology courses in the first academic year.  Where they got a score from one thousand five hundred to two thousand.

2- Proficient: Students at this level have acceptable knowledge and skills to enroll in biology courses in the first academic year.  Where they got a degree from one thousand one hundred to one thousand four hundred and seventy-five.

3- Intermediate: Students at this level possess the minimum required knowledge and skills to enroll in biology courses in the first academic year.  Where these students got a degree from nine hundred to one thousand seventy-five.

4- Beginner: Students at this level have sufficient mastery of the basic knowledge and skills needed for biology courses in the first year of university studies, with the need for some support and improvement in some biology topics.  Where these students got a degree from seven hundred to eight hundred and seventy-five.

5- Needs Improvement: Students at this level need educational support in basic biology concepts and skills before starting any of their first year undergraduate biology courses.  Where these students got a degree from five hundred to six hundred and seventy-five.

6- Weak basic scientific knowledge: Students at this level lack knowledge of basic science concepts and skills.  Where these students got a score of less than five hundred.

The best way to study biology:

 ° Make studying a daily routine.

 ° Understand the scientific material completely.

 ° Take notes while studying.

 ° Study to understand, not just to memorize.

 ° Constantly and continuously test yourself to measure your understanding.

 ° Do the experiments yourself in the laboratory.

 ° Ask for help when your understanding falters, and here we want to tell you.

Our platform offers private lessons in biology with skilled teachers and we also offer courses to prepare for the emsat biology exam. Contact us to find out more.

° Use mind maps to help you study better and more effectively.

 ° Summarize the definitions and scientific experiments.

Some important points that the student should know:

This test is adaptive in that the test questions are allocated and their difficulty is determined for each test taker, specifically independent, meaning that the questions are presented to each student according to his level, and when the student answers a question correctly, he will see the next question that will be more difficult than the previous one, and when he answers a question Incorrect, the next question will appear easier than the previous one.

This process of continuous matching will provide more appropriate questions for each individual student and this will give students the opportunity to perform better.

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