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Mathematics Emsat: It is one of the Emirates standard emsat tests that aims to measure achievement in mathematics so that it assesses the readiness to study mathematics for students at the college or university level.

Some students may face difficulties in studying mathematics, for example, if the student is unable to understand the laws to apply a solution and prove a particular problem - or the inability to understand and analyze mathematical problems in order to extract the data from them and what is required of accountability so that the student can solve mathematical problems and determine the laws and determine  Solution steps, causing students to fear and worry about mathematics.

Study strategies and skills:

You must have the awareness that studying is an interactive process with information so that you can assimilate and understand the information and learn how to use it.  And not just information that you memorize.

Studying is a cumulative process through which old information is linked to the new information that you learned during the previous school years, in addition to making use of it. Therefore, you must learn the skills and techniques of studying in order to achieve your goals through studying.

First: You must get rid of fear, constant anxiety and lack of self-confidence in the constant question: Will I achieve success in such-and-such subject?

Do not succumb to laziness, slackening and procrastination.

 The biggest enemy of studying is laziness, slackening and procrastination. Do not make a study schedule to study and then be lax or lazy in implementing it, as this will have a negative impact on you, as this may cause you to lose the self-motivation to study.

Make sure to identify your strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject

you can do this with paper and pen by writing what are the parts that you do not understand or there are weaknesses that you must strengthen.

Try to understand the information first:

Understanding is the way to success; 

It helps you perceive and organize the information in your mind well and easily

Link information:

Linking information is a logical result of understanding in linking incomprehensible and unclear information to you that makes it difficult to remember it, but linking clear and understandable information in a sequential manner helps you recall it and the mind can deal with it clearly and frankly.

Continuous training

Continuous training is a distinct outcome for excellence and success in academic subjects, be sure to solve many problems and apply in sequential steps and do not forget to write down your mistakes so that you can learn from them and do not repeat them again.

Try to apply modern study methods

such as visual techniques in which you can use pictures or shapes to memorize information, this will make it easier for you to memorize and understand the laws of mathematics.

You have to prepare to study in a stimulating and productive manner, and you can achieve this through the following points:

The need for psychological preparation for studying;

It is considered the first step and is as important as organizing your times. You must organize study times by making a study schedule to help you with this and organizing a time for rest so that you allow your mind a chance to absorb the information.

Be keen on optimism and high spirits that you will achieve the desired result.

Stay away from all the elements that may cause you frustration, you had a question that you will achieve a certain result or compare yourself to the academic level of a friend .... etc.

Good and continuous training on study materials and solving many exam questions will undoubtedly achieve everything you desire.

Physical and physical readiness:

Be sure to eat foods that are beneficial to the body. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, so be sure to eat vegetables, fruits, juices, and stay away from eating fast food with high fats and salts.

Be sure to do light sports on a daily basis, such as walking, to stimulate blood circulation

Make sure to sit well and properly to study to avoid laziness and drowsiness.

Make sure to sleep well at night and study in the day so that the mind has got enough rest.

  • Make sure to identify the main objectives of the study, organize them in a schedule, and follow them in order.
  • Be sincere, trust Allah, and strive to study as much as possible.

Application of active education strategies in mathematics:

By doing the student's applications and multiple examples of practical reality for the exams of mathematics and  Emsat math models so that they have practical experience for exam questions.

Benefits of application of active education strategies in mathematics:

1- The student will apply to multiple questions and examples from the practical reality of the Emsat Math exams & Mathematics Emsat models so that he has the practical experience of the exam questions.

2- The active learning strategy used by the lecturer in the Emsat Math course aims to develop the student’s ability to mentally analyze numbers, equations and laws, which helps him professionally to raise the academic level of Emsat Math.

3-This strategy focuses largely on low-level male and female students, since it greatly helps in understanding and analyzing lessons and the laws of Emsat math, and thus relieves them of their fear of mathematics.

5- This strategy also focuses on raising the skill and cognitive level of students so that the student is able to think properly during the steps of solving mathematical problems.

Madrassa.com provides you with training notes for Emsat Mathematics exam models.

It enables you to solve a lot of exercises continuously until you get used to the nature of Emsat math questions and not be afraid of questions, which makes you avoid any mistakes during the solution and certainly get a direct evaluation from the present.

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