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Introduction to the Emirates Standard Exam:

It is a set of standard electronic tests based on national standards for measuring and evaluating the performance of students in the United Arab Emirates, and it is applied to a group of school levels, not only secondary students.  For fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth grades.

The national tests are administered in accredited test centers in higher education institutions or in computer laboratories in schools, according to the target group of the test.

The importance of the Emirates Standardized Test (Emsat Achieve) for 12th grade students:

First: A condition for admission to public and private universities, military colleges, and national service.

Second: A condition of admission for students applying for scholarships outside the country through government institutions.

Third: An alternative to the (TOEFL) and (IELTS) tests within the country in a number of universities.

What are the subjects required to be performed in the 2021-2022  Emsat achieve test?

The subjects required to be performed in the (Emsat achieve) test are the following four subjects:

 Emsat Arabic language :

 The Arabic language evenings consist of three sections:

  •  Reading section: thirty-five minutes, including reading instructions.
  •  Section of the structure of language and vocabulary: thirty-five minutes.
  •  Writing section: 50 minutes.

 Thus, the total for the Emsat Arabic language test is 120 minutes.

 Emsat English language test :

The EmSAT English test focuses on testing four skills of the student: grammar, words, reading and writing.  The test consists of 110 questions in 135 minutes.

Emsat Math:

Emsat Mathematics tests the student in 3 basic skills: algebra, statistics and geometry.

The test consists of 40 questions, within 90 minutes, and the form of the test is in the form of multiple and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Emsat Physics :

Emsat Physics tests the student in several skills: mechanics, waves and optics, thermophysics and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.

Emsat exam dates for 2022:

  •  January 15
  • January 29
  • February 12
  •  March 12
  •  March 26
  •  March 28
  •  May 28
  •  June 11
  •  June 25

The most important frequently asked questions for emsat students:

 Q1: How many compulsory subjects are there for twelfth grade students?

 Number of compulsory subjects: 4 core subjects.

 Q2: Is there a failing grade for the Emsat exams?

There is no failure score for the test, but rather it is a measure of skills and knowledge, but each university requires different admission criteria.

Q3: Can I distribute the test materials on different days?

Yes, a student can take exams on different days, not necessarily on the same day.

 Q4: How can I register for the Emsat exams?

Students are registered through the ID reader in all state schools, through the school's approved coordinators.

Q5: Where are the emsat test places?

Examinations are held at approved centers designated for testing and distributed throughout the country. The student must register at one of the test centers in his emirate. If a seat is not available for the student, he must wait until the next session.

 Q6: Are any papers required when I attend the Emsat test?

 The student must print the test ticket and bring it with him to the center.

Q7: Is there a fee for the Emsat test?

  • Yes, there are fees. Twelfth grade students are free for the first time, and in return, 100 dirhams per subject.
  • Non-national students are 300 dirhams for the first time, and 100 dirhams in return for one subject.
  • As for students who are not nominated for the twelfth grade, 250 for the first time, and the repetition of the subject is 100 dirhams, and they are allowed to repeat it only once.

For inquiries or consultations, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, we are with you 24 hours a day.

The EmSAT Exam Re-Exam:

The Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates clarifies that students who missed the EmSAT exam will be scheduled to hold the EmSAT exam again.

Students who failed the Emsat exam:

For students who failed the exam last year, their entire score will be deleted if the student wants to take the exam again.

Students who missed the exam with an acceptable excuse:

As for the students who registered to enter the exam and had an emergency situation happened to them and missed the exam and gave an acceptable excuse, so they did not attend the exam via the website.

The excuse is required to be clarified with a certificate documented by the competent government agencies and approved by the Ministry of Health.

The ministry will look into the request and will be informed of the decision, if approved.  The decision will determine the date of the re-exam emsat for them.

Students who missed an exam without an excuse:

 As for the students who registered to enter the exam and had an emergency circumstance and did not attend the exam and did not provide an acceptable excuse, the student will be registered in the absence record and will not be able to take the exam in the subjects in which he was absent until after announcing the date of the re-examination of Emsat in the subjects in which he was absent.

How can you apply for a re-exam?

If the student wants to retake the Emsat exam to join the university, apply for scholarships, or for any other purpose, he should send an e-mail to emsat.register@moe.gov.ae

  • Determine the subject and emirate
  • ID photo
  • phone number
  • Email

 The earliest re-exam date will be determined.

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