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Recently, and especially at the beginning of this year 2021, the importance of the EmSAT standard tests has become increasingly important in the UAE due to several reasons that we will mention briefly, and then we will talk about how to obtain the Emsat Results certificate:

  • According to the plan for the EMSAT national standardized test system, EMSAT will replace the CEPA test for admission to public universities.
  • It is also possible for private universities to adopt EMSAT as part of the student admission process as an alternative to the IELTS and TOEFL tests, which are prerequisites for admission of high school students to private higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The EMSAT currently covers English, Arabic, Mathematics and Physics for national grade 12 students in public and private schools, whatever curriculum is taught in these schools.
  • As for international students, the EMSAT standard test is applied only in public and private schools that use the English language curriculum of the UAE Ministry of Education.
  • The EMSAT English Language Test for Grade 12 students will soon replace CEPA as the accepted admission test in UAE universities.
  • The Ministry of Education within the United Arab Emirates grants universities the freedom to use EMSAT results in Arabic, Mathematics and Physics for grade 12 students as they see fit.

What is the emsat test? What is the reason for its importance in the Emirates?

EMSAT is a set of national standardized tests that are conducted electronically in the subjects of mathematics, science, Arabic and English in accordance with the UAE national standards in education. These tests contribute to determining the levels of students’ performance. They also help teachers, schools and the Ministry in identifying the problems in the curricula and the problems that students have, in order to determine how to provide appropriate assistance to them by scientific and educational methods, as well as developing accurate and appropriate plans for continuous modification and improvement in the educational process.

EMSAT was accredited in the UAE for the first time in 2017, by the UAE Ministry of Education, where it officially applied the Emirates Standardized Test (EMSAT), which is an abbreviation for The Emirates Standardized Test, in schools in the UAE.

The Emirates Standardized Test consists of three sections:

  1. The basic test or placement tests for the first grade (Baseline Tests):

It is to measure students' readiness to learn after the student finishes kindergarten

  1. Relay test or skill and knowledge tracking tests:

 It is to measure the level of students in grades: (fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth) of the skills and knowledge that students possess over the years of general education in Arabic, English, mathematics and science.

  1.  Achievement Test or University Entrance Test:

They are standardized standardized tests for university admission to the secondary stage.

You can learn more about the EMSAT tests by reading this article.

How to issue an Emsat results certificate:

If you want to issue an emsat results certificate, the website of the Ministry of Education for the Emirates Federation has published the procedures required to obtain an emsat standard certificate, which are:

  • Going to the school counselor or the intentional centers
  • Entering the Ministry's website www.moe.gov.ae
  • Selection of electronic services
  • Choose a gallery of services
  • Choosing the Emirates Standard Test Certificate issuance service for non-grade students the twelfth, or choosing the achievement service for twelfth grade students, or the equivalency service for university admission.
  • sign in
  • Fill in all the data and requirements
  • Attach the required documents, along with an ID photo
  • Pay the service fee, which is 15 dirhams.
  • Then wait for the request to be completed by the relevant staff
  • Complete the transaction and an electronic message that includes submitting a request to issue a certificate officially through the approved channels, including all the required data as a valid and valid ID number.

Tips to help you easily issue an Emsat certificate:

To easily issue your Emsat certificate, take into account some important things:

  • Make sure to complete the registration process for the EmSAT exam when registering to take the exam.
  • Print an appointment card and test details before each test appointment and read all the instructions on it.
  • Communicate with the school coordinator in order to take into account the registration process
  • Interested in viewing the Emsat exam forms for the subjects included in the exam, which can be found on the ministry's website or by participating in special qualification courses and pilot exams.
  • Be sure to be at the test center at least 15 minutes before the start of the test.
  • Make sure to bring your Emirates ID and a paper copy of the exam date and location card.
  • Review the answer to all the paragraphs of the exam.
  • Notify the administrator in case you encounter any technical malfunction during the exam.
  • Ensure that all certificate issuance details are recorded and fees paid in advance.
  • The result of the exam is issued 3 weeks after the date of holding the Emsat exam, and then you will receive a text message confirming its issuance.
  • I know that it is not allowed to use cell phones or take pictures inside the hall.
  • Know that if you miss the exam for a non-exceptional reason (illness, emergency...) you will not be allowed to register again. The absent student must send a request to re-test to the Directorate of National and International Examinations to explain the detailed reason for the absence, along with providing a report or satisfactory medical certificate from a government hospital and certified by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection or the Health Authority for review and approval, and then informing you of the date of the new test.
  • Test scores do not count when cheating or attempting to cheat. It is forbidden to register or attend the remaining exams in the current academic year.
  • Home students are registered through the Continuing Education Centers and Customer Happiness Centers. Continuing Education Students - Adult Education are also registered through the Continuing Education Centers.

How long are Emsat results valid for?

Emsat test results are valid for 18 months from the day of the test and the emsat certificate remains valid during this period.

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