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Below we will explain to you all the details you need to know about the EMSAT exam and how to register for it.

EMSATExam Specifications:

It is an electronic test, in order to assess students and find out what skills and concepts they possess in a number of specific subjects at the end of the twelfth grade.

The purpose of the university emsatexam :

The test is nothing but an evaluation process for the twelfth grade students in order to measure their knowledge and skills acquired over the course of the general education period. This test plays a big role when moving to the stage of higher education, as it gives information that helps decision-makers at the university registration stage.

test centers:

There are many centers where you can take this test for male and female students

(Abu Dhabi - Al Ain - Ajman - Dubai - Fujairah - Ras al-Khaimah - Sharjah - Umm al-Quwain - MadinatZayed - Ruwais)

Click here for more details regarding the test centers and to know the regions, buildings and universities in which the test will be conducted.

How to register for the emsat exam through the Ministry's website ?

  • Contact your school coordinator to register your Emirates ID.
  • Activate your account through the link that will be sent to your registered email.
  • Register for the exams you want through the ministry's website.
  • Type your email and password.
  • Choose the course you want to register in and click Register.
  • Select the test date, the test center you want, and choose the time you want to take the test.
  • A page will appear that you have successfully registered.
  • The name of the article will appear to you with the word “Registered” in front of it.

Emirates Standard Examination Policies and Laws emsat:

1- Registration Policy:

For Emirati students, in order to be accepted in public universities, it is not enough for them to obtain the Emsat test, but rather they must be registered in the national examination system in addition to registration in the NABU system. As for non-Emirati students, they are satisfied with obtaining the Emirates Standardized Tests.

2-Registration change policy:

The student can change the date of his test if he wants, knowing that the registration for the test will end two weeks before the date set for the test, and therefore the student will not be able to change the date or even cancel the request to apply for the test; It will therefore be mandatory to attend the test.if he does not attend it will be recorded as an absence.

The student can apply for the test any day and any time he wants and choose the place that suits him as long as there is an opportunity to do so according to the available time periods and vacant seats. The student bears full responsibility for the place and time of his choice, as there are many places in the Emirates that you can choose among them to suit you.

3- Delay policy:

The student is allowed to enter the examination hall if he is late in the first 15 minutes of the test period, but after this period he is prevented from entering the hall and recorded as an absence.

4- Policy of Required Documents:

The student must bring a copy of the test ticket and the original Emirates ID. In the absence of these requirements, the student will not be allowed to enter the examination hall and will be registered as an absence.

5- Absence policy:

 If he misses the test for a reason other than exceptional cases ((illness, family emergency..etc)), he will not be allowed to register again for the test. The absent student, in exceptional cases, shall submit a request to return the exams to the National and International Examinations Department explaining in detail the reason for the absence. If the reason for absence is satisfactory, a medical report or sickness certificate proving the case, issued by a government hospital and certified by the Ministry of Health and Prevention or the Health Authority, must be brought. These papers are then reviewed and, if approved, he will be notified of the new date for the test.

6- Cheating policy:

The penalty for cheating or even attempting to cheat is a deterrent, which is not calculating test scores, and accordingly, he will not be able to register for or take other exams in the current academic year. The emsat score for the NAPO student record will therefore not be counted permanently.

7- Exam result policy:

After 10 weeks from the time of submitting the test, the result will appear on the student's page. Knowing that the results of all emsat tests are valid for 18 months from the date of the test.

Emsat Test Instructions:

before the test:

  • Make sure that all the necessary registration procedures for the test are complete, and that you have the ticket that will enable you to enter the test on the day that you have selected.
  • Each test has its own ticket, be sure to print it out before each test, and read all the instructions listed on it, and also check the date, time and place of the test.
  • If you feel that your assessment in the test may be affected, because you are people of determination or you have a chronic disease that is difficult to recover, you can turn to the school coordinator to take into account your registration among the people of determination. Of course you must provide evidence and certified medical reports.
  • Browse the Emirates Standardized Test website for all the information related to the test and registration policy, absence, and tardiness.

during the test:

  • Make sure you have an original copy of your Emirates ID along with a hard copy of your test ticket.
  • You must be there 15 minutes before the test.
  • Make sure you are in the correct exam hall.
  • All questions must be answered
  • Do not panic if your device malfunctions during the test, just tell the administrator immediately to find a solution and take appropriate action.
  • When you have completed all the questions and review your answers, make sure that you have put the button to finish the test so that the test result is calculated.
  • You are not allowed to use mobile phones or take pictures inside the hall.

after the test:

  • The test result appears 3 weeks after the test.
  • You will receive a text message with your test results.
  • Note: Your exam results will be published through your personal account, and no information about your exam results will be published or sent to your email.
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