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Is the TOEFL exam easy or difficult?

A question that may occupy the minds of many people who have taken the decision to complete their studies in American universities or institutions, or that require the TOEFL exam as a condition of their enrollment.

In this article, we will learn together about the Toefl exam, so that it is not difficult to pass, you should plan and prepare for the TOEFL exam.

The reading section of the TOEFL exam ( TOEFL reading ):

The reading section of the TOEFL exam aims to measure the examinee's ability to understand texts in various fields and to assimilate linguistic vocabulary and written methods. The nature of the questions in the reading section of the TOEFL exam

In a set of multiple choice questions.

In order to gain the skill of understanding texts and assimilation of linguistic vocabulary, you must follow the following tips:

  • Good training in understanding words through the context of sentences or text, instead of focusing on memorizing words, you should practice on several previous tests until you have experience answering reading pieces in the TOEFL exams.
  • Practicing fast reading of the text gains many benefits, including:

You gain the ability to define a general idea of ​​the text, identify the main points of the text in the shortest possible time, make the most of the time allotted to the reading section.

  • Practicing the passages of books and scientific articles so that you have an idea, experience and do not get upset or nervous about words that you do not know their meaning, you can guess its meaning through the text.

We also collected for you the most important ways in which you can deal with the nature of the questions related to the reading section, which are:

First: Reading comprehension questions.

Second: Topic idea questions.

Third: Direct questions.

Reading comprehension question:

The reading comprehension section of the TOEFL test consists of 5 topics that are different from each other only showing historical information, literary, artistic, etc..

In order to pass the types of questions related to the TOEFL exam in the reading section, you must follow the following methods:

  • Extracting the main idea of ​​the topic by browsing the paragraphs and making sure to organize and arrange the general ideas.
  • see questions;  So that you can specify the answer in paragraphs;  Each type of question needs an appropriate answer Vocabulary questions.
  • Each question is a guide to where the word is. Try to identify the keywords in each sentence.
  • Try to choose the correct answer from the many choices.
  • Try to determine in the topic of reading the general idea of ​​the topic and revolve around this idea many information or questions, so I strive to extract the main idea of ​​the topic through the first line of the paragraph.
  • Look for words that show relationships between paragraphs.
  • Pay close attention to the question type, as it guides you to paragraphs that contain the correct answer, through which you can answer questions related to the main idea through the first line of each paragraph.
  • You can also answer direct and indirect questions by selecting the keywords in a sequence.
  • In the vocabulary questions, each question guides you to the place where the word is located.

Topic idea questions:

The TOEFL exam often includes questions about the main ideas of the subject;

During which the main idea of ​​the subject must be determined by following the following methods so that you can identify the main ideas of the topic:

  • Read the first line of each paragraph and find the topic idea.
  • Try to extract and organize the suggested ideas between each paragraph.
  • Make sure to find the relationship between the information between the first and second paragraphs.

Direct questions:

There are many questions in the reading section that need direct answers about a specific topic, and this type of question is arranged in paragraphs in a sequential manner, and consists of one piece of information, and often the answer is a reformulation of the topic,

and you can solve these questions by following the instructions  next:

  • Make sure to identify keywords or main ideas through the sentences. This helps you delete the wrong answers and choose the best answer from the multiple choice questions.
  • The questions in this section are often direct and sometimes the answers are about information that is not mentioned in a topic; so you must choose the correct answer from among the multiple choices.
  • Make sure you understand the reference to the pronoun or pronouns in the reader's piece. Try replacing the pronoun with the nouns mentioned in the context of the piece.

 Information and advice about the TOEFL test:

The scores in the reading section of the TOEFL exam vary. There are questions that have one degree and others that have two to four degrees, especially the questions that have more than one answer in the multiple choice and so that you can pass this section in addition to the previous advice. Be careful about:

  • Training on the most important means of language development by practicing reading continuously, especially academic books, scientific and literary journals, and articles, and there are many online resources.
  • Make sure you clear what you read;  So get used to understanding and deducing information.
  • Make sure to practice speed reading with comprehension of the most important steps that are very useful when reading.

You can practice reading the TOEFL test and benefit from continuous assessment and follow-up when subscribing to the online preparation course for the TOEFL exam with Madrasah.com, as it helps you:

  • Learn the secrets of each section of the TOEFL exam.
  • An individual online course, not with a group, that sets a unique training plan for you.
  • A specialized lecturer provides you with continuous assessment and guidance, and provides you with his expertise by answering questions and dealing with exam questions.
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