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Excellent training for Emsat exams makes everything easy and simple;

Training for the Emsat exams makes you achieve for yourself steps that are interconnected with each other, that make it easier for you to study the study material and lay the foundation for you to review and study, and give you the strength to prepare for the Emsat exams and reach the best grades.

In this article, we talk to you about the emsat training provided by our educational platform, elmadrasah.com.

Emsat Exam: It is a set of standard electronic tests based on national standards in the UAE with the aim of evaluating students’ performance.

Emsat exams are aimed at students of the twelfth grades with the aim of joining universities or colleges (university admission to colleges) and students of external scholarships as well as postgraduate students.

That who wish to  Preparation for the master’s degree The Emsat exam covers a set of basic subjects represented in the English Emsat exam, the Arabic Emsat exam, the Mathematics exam, the Chemistry exam, the Biology exam, the Physics exam, and finally the Computer Science exam.

Method of training for emsat exams with the elmadrasah.com

elmadrasah.com is a specialized training institute that helps you prepare for the Emsat exams by following the best training method for the Emsat exams that guarantees you high grades.

 1- Placement tests before studying:

 When subscribing to Emsat courses with elmadrasah.com, the specialized teacher will conduct a placement test for you in the subject, with the aim of:

1- Identify your strengths and weaknesses in this course material.

2- The possibility of developing a training plan that suits your needs supported by previous and recent Emsat exam forms - Emsat 2020 forms.

3- Giving guidance and continuous evaluation in order to improve performance and give practical experience to deal with exam questions in each section of the Emsat exams.

2- Online training courses with flexible dates:

 Preparation courses are provided with elmadrasah.com Online - one hour training session.

 You can choose the dates that suit you, morning and evening dates.

3- Training on the questions of the Emsat test models:

 1- Emsat English Exam Form with the solution:

Where the school.com provides an  Emsat English  note in which the different sections of the test are explained with the support of practical training from the reality of the questions of the English emsat exam with the solution.

The training is done on vocabulary, English grammar, conversation and sentence formation, in addition to the reading test, the long reading test, and reading with the aim of understanding.

2- Arabic emsat exam form with solution:

 In the preparation course for the Arabic Emsat exam, the elmadrasah.com is keen to give experience in solving and dealing with the questions of the Emsat exams in terms of answering, ensuring them and managing time during the exam, so training is done on.

  • Multiple test questions to measure students' skills in Arabic grammar, grammar, morphology, and spelling.
  • Measuring the students' knowledge of commonly used vocabulary.
  • Practical training on the most important tips and ideas for writing rhetorical paragraphs free of spelling and grammatical errors in Arabic.
  • Training on written tasks, whether it is a descriptive, explanatory or persuasive text.
  • Training on the skills of reading narrative, informational, literary and infographic texts…..etc.
  • Analysis of ideas.

All this is done through questions from recent and previous Emsat exams models - Arabic Emsat exam 2020 with the solution - Arabic Emsat exam model for the twelfth grade.

3- Emsat Math Solved Exam Form:

 During the Emsat Mathematics course, the practical application and the explanation of the Emsat Mathematics Exam, previous and modern, due to the importance of practical application on this subject. 

In addition to the support and guidance that the student receives from the teacher during the training course - the duration of the course is one training hour.

4- Emsat Chemistry Exam Form with Answer:

Emsat chemistry needs a lot of focus.  And with elmadrasah.com, you can, through the preparation course for Emsat Chemistry, organize the syllabus for you through a training plan designed.

Specifically for you and be supported with samples of the Emsat Chemistry exam with the answer, with a lecturer specialized in the chemistry curriculum to give you typical answers and professional training in solving Emsat test questions  chemistry.

5- Emsat Physics Exam Form:

The Emsat Physics course provides excellent training on the exam sections that are the foundations of physics as it helps you understand and apply the use of the properties of triangles and vectors to solve problems related to units, trigonometry, addition and subtraction of vectors....  etc.

 Mechanics: training in understanding and applying the description of motion of bodies.

 Energy: training in understanding, applying and solving problems using types of energy and the relationship between them.

 Electricity: training in understanding, applying and solving problems of electrical laws and electrical circuits.

Magnetism: Training in understanding and applying the basics of magnetic properties and the reasons for their existence.

Waves and modern physics:

The questions of the Emsat exams - Emsat Physics are trained in a practical application to all the previous parts.

6-Emsat Biology Exam Form:

The EMSAT Biology Exam preparation course provides you with samples and exercises related to the EMSAT Biology exam that will help you memorize the material and know the most important sections of the test to answer all the questions in the exam - in the following four sections:

Section I: Molecules to Living Organisms: Structure and Function.

Part two: genetics and genetic technology.

Section Three: Biodiversity: Similarities and Differences.

 Fourth Section: Environmental Systems: Interactions - Energy and Dynamics.

7- Emsat Computer Science Exam Form:

 The Computer Science course provides emsat exam models for computers that aim to determine students' abilities in relation to computer systems, programming, networks, artificial intelligence and others by providing emsat exam models.

elmadrasah.com is a specialized training institute that helps you prepare for the Emsat exams by following the best training method for the Emsat exams that guarantees you high grades.

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