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Q1: How many compulsory subjects are there for twelfth grade students?

 Number of compulsory subjects: 4 core subjects.

Q2: Is there a failure rate for the EmSAT exams?

There is no failure score for the test, but rather it is a measure of skills and knowledge, but each university requires different admission criteria.

Q3: Can I distribute the test materials on different days?

Yes, a student can take exams on different days, not necessarily on the same day.

 Q4: How can I register for EmSAT exams?

Students are registered through the ID reader in all state schools, through the school's approved coordinators.

Q5: Where are the emsat test places?

Examinations are held at approved centers designated for testing and distributed throughout the country. The student must register at one of the test centers in his emirate. If a seat is not available for the student, he must wait until the next session.

Q6: Are any papers required when I attend the EMSAT test?

The student must print the test ticket and bring it with him to the center.

Q7: Is there a fee for the EmSAT test?

Yes, there are fees. Twelfth grade students are free for the first time, and in return, 100 dirhams per subject.

Non-national students are 300 dirhams for the first time, and 100 dirhams in return for one subject.

As for the students nominated for other than the twelfth grade, 250 for the first time, and the repetition of the subject is 100 dirhams, and they are only allowed to repeat it once.

For inquiries or consultations, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, we are with you 24 hours a day.

Q8: What are EMSAT courses?

Emsat courses, offered by Madrassa.com, are emsat courses sufficient and adequate to prepare you to pass the emsat exams in a well-deserved manner.

Q9: What are the subject s of the emsat exam?

Study subjects are:

  • computer science.

Q10: What are the educational stages of the EMSAT test?

The grades are:

  • Fourth grade.
  • Sixth grade.
  • Eighth grade.
  • Tenth grade.
  • Twelfth grade.

Q11:What are the advantages of EMSAT courses on our website?

  • Emsat preparatory courses are accredited by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small Enterprises Development.
  • Individual courses online, not groups.
  • Freedom of choice in scheduling courses in the morning and evening.
  • A dedicated teacher, with whom you can communicate face to face directly, and he will answer all questions.
  • Solve old and new Emsat exam questions.
  • Providing question and answer notes for Emsat exams.
  • Placement tests in all subjects.

Q12: Is it possible to prepare for the Emsat test a few days before the test date? 

It's a mistake to start exam preparation a week or two before the exams;  Because this is not the time to start, whether you are preparing for EmSAT exam or any competitive exams, it is best to start preparing at least 1-2 months before exams to achieve a better score so that you have enough time to study and review important concepts as per the exam specification. 

While studying for the first time, make sure to prepare separate notes or topic summary, which will really help you for last minute revision as the entire topic cannot be reviewed in a short period of time.

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Q13: Is it important to use special notes to prepare for the EMSAT test?

It is important to understand the topics by reviewing the contents, question forms, appendix/datasheets, etc., which are provided in the test specification for each topic.

Once the analysis is done, you can collect necessary notes, textbooks, prints, etc. from your previous years of study, EmSAT Achieve test focuses on the basics and essentials required to enter a university or college; 

So it is better to have previous year's test books and notes to achieve a great score which our EmSAT preparatory course provides you with on our website.

Q14: What is the importance of Emsat courses?

The EMSAT courses help you prepare for the Emsat test by obtaining sufficient information about the Emsat test in all its sections and the specific subject you want to pass, as well as by training on emsat test samples.

Q15: Is it difficult to pass the Emsat test? 

The EmSAT exams are not difficult to pass, but they just need good preparation and familiarization with all the strategies and skills that enable you to pass them. Therefore, elmadrasah.com provides specialized online courses to achieve this. You can learn more about elmadrasah.com through the following article.

Q16: What are the procedures for attending the Emsat test?

  • It is strictly forbidden to take any family member to the test centers and no family member is allowed to be in the waiting halls.
  • Commitment to precautionary measures and social distancing between the student and anyone else at a distance of at least two meters.
  • Immediately upon completion of the test, leave the center immediately and no student is allowed to be in the halls after completing the test.
  • Students are allowed to use a calculator and must bring their own.
  • The student should bring only his/her essential tools with him/her.
  • Bring a copy of a valid, not expired ID card. 
  • The temperature of the student will be measured and his passing in front of the thermal camera, and any student who shows symptoms similar to those of the Corona virus will be prevented from entering the examination hall.
  • Tests are held in authorized and designated testing centers distributed throughout the United Arab Emirates.
  • You will receive a text message with the availability of the test results, knowing that the result of your test appears after fifteen days for students of the twelfth grade and ten days for graduates of previous years, from the date of taking the test.
  • It is prohibited to photograph or use mobile phones in the exam hall, or bluetooth headphones or smart watches in the exam halls.
  • The student is not allowed to leave the exam hall for any reason before completing the exam completely.
  • This test is adaptive. As the test questions and their difficulty are allocated to each test taker independently, when the test taker answers a question correctly, the next question will appear to him more difficult, and when he answers a question incorrectly, the next question will appear easier.
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